About Pinch

Pinch is the result of the marriage of my professional cooking career and the food I serve my family. I started a food blog for two reasons: to contribute to the dialog about how to balance the food related demands we all face and to provide concrete ideas - recipes, mostly – about how to make it easier to make healthier food choices.

Shopping responsibly and eating along practical, healthy guidelines is a common goal but yet often feels unreachable. We know that convenience comes at a cost but with time at a premium it’s difficult to establish new habits.

About Me

My name is Katie Fairbank and I am not a pastry chef. I was a pastry chef from 1996 to mid-2007 when I lost the love for layered cakes. Without the love there’s no point to cooking – you enter into it without abandon or not at all. I can’t take credit for that – I read it in a fortune cookie.

I get really excited about food. I’m usually wondering where my next meal is coming from (with all due respect for those who really are) and if there’s any way to expedite its advent.

Food I serve my family has to look good, taste good, and be healthy. It also has to be professional. It has to be comparable to what I could eat at my neighborhood cafĂ©. It has to be food I’d be proud to serve to guests. Lastly, it has to be possible because there are too many other important things that require my time; meals requiring tons of prep work don’t get made in my house anymore.

I am fortunate to have lived in some amazing cities and towns. The present finds me living and cooking for family and friends in Chicago. You can contact me via pinchfood@gmail.com.

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